10 questions you should be asking about Air Purification


Are you committed to providing the safest air possible?

Last week, former Acting Surgeon General Kenneth Moritsugu published an op-ed in RealClearHealth discussing the continued difficulty of reopening schools while the risk of indoor viral spread continues.

Decision-makers, tasked with determining how to best protect their students and staff while also being responsible stewards of relief funds, face the challenge of sorting through the various competing technologies that claim to offer protection from viral contaminants in their schools. Of course, not all air purification technologies are created equal. The Surgeon General encourages all decision-makers – in education, business, entertainment, hospitality, and beyond – to ask a number of questions before investing their funds.

As you continue to bring ActivePure to business leaders, administrators, and facility managers, we encourage you to share the former Surgeon General’s recommendations with your community to help educate and answer their questions throughout the purchasing process.

Infographic on 10 questions you should be asking about Air Purification

ActivePure answers YES to all 10 questions above and is the safest and most effective solution for improving indoor air quality, protecting people indoors, and reopening businesses.

Quote from Admiral Kenneth Moritsugu, Acting Surgeon General

To find out more about ActivePure’s unrivalled air and surface purifiers that are inspired by patented NASA technology.

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do activePure Air & Serface Pro has a CE certificate?

Thanks for your comment. Yes, the Pure & Clean and the Beyond Guardian Air both have CE Certificates, please see the links below:
Pure & Clean – https://www.activepure.uk.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Aerus-Pure-and-Clean-CE-Declaration-of-Conformity.pdf
Beyond Guardian Air – https://www.activepure.uk.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Beyond-Guardian-Air-230-volt-CE-Declaration-of-Conformity.pdf

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