A real-world experiment with ActivePure Pure & Clean, in a real kitchen, with real kids and a dog too!


With all the scientific proof we have for ActivePure, we thought we’d do an experiment in one of our own kitchens that people can relate to. Our objective is to demonstrate some of the very real dangers in all our homes that are a result of us going about our daily activities.

Like the majority of families in the UK, we’re all doing the best we can. Often huddled around the dining room table, multi-tasking with teaching, working, cleaning and feeding the flock. Which leads us to the point of our experiment. As we spend more time than ever in our homes, it’s important to know that the environment you’re sharing is healthy – and all too often it’s not!

We take it for granted that the air we breathe in our homes is fine. Only when we burn something or there’s an overwhelming smell from cleaning products for example, do we think… “better open a window”.

The experiment

In our home experiment, we tested the air quality changes in the morning over a 4-hour period, one day without the purifier and another with the ActivePure Pure and Clean purifier on and the results certainly were quite alarming.

We conducted the experiment in the kitchen as I usually work there with the kids and dog in the room. The room is about 250 sq. ft. Our kitchen leads out to a conservatory where the children go to do their work, so there is a shift in ventilation every now and then. We ensured doors were kept shut as much as possible and windows were closed throughout.

What happened?

To show how both days compared, we filmed the activity in the room while having an air quality monitor on. Throughout the experiment, we noted down activities that we did and performed them at the same time each day. Every 10 minutes during the 4-hour experiment, we recorded the readings. The monitor records small particles at a size of 1 micron.

Below is what the readings mean for the small particle concentration. The displayed values are scaled so that these represent the concentration of particles in 0.01 cubic foot of sampled air. Therefore, a display of 75 means there are 75,000 small particles per cubic foot of air.

1001+ = Very poor air quality
351-1000 = Poor
101-350 = Fair
51-100 = Good
26-50 = Very good
0-25 = Excellent

The small particle concentration presents the most dangerous as these are ones that can penetrate deep into the lungs, contributing to asthma and capable of damaging nearly every organ in the body that can result in long-term health problems. Young children breathe faster than adults, so the risks are of greater concern as it can impact lung and brain development.

Below were the results:

The graph shows the particle readings every 10 minutes at the same time over the 2 days
  • Day 1: without purifier
  • Day 2: with ActivePure
What we learnt from the experiment

Key for small particle concentration readings:

1001+ = Very poor air quality
351-1000 = Poor
101-350 = Fair
51-100 = Good
26-50 = Very good
0-25 = Excellent

From the results, we can see on entering the room in the morning, the Pure & Clean purifier was able to produce a good quality of air even with the dog being in the room (small particle concentration: 75). Compared to the day without (small particle concentration: 338), the purifier was only fair where the particle concentration was 4.5 times more.
Compared results: without the purifier, the air was 450% more contaminated.

8.30 – 8.50 Cooking scrambled eggs

When using the hob to fry butter and cook scrambled eggs between the times of 8.30 to 8.50, the reading spiked on both days, but whereas on day 1 the results remained poor (small particle concentration after eggs were finished: 461), on day 2 the purifier quickly reduced the particle concentration to a fair quality and continued to lower the concentration (small particle concentration after eggs were finished: 241).
Compared results: without the purifier, the air was 190% more contaminated.

9.10 – Making toast

At 9.10, we began to make some toast. This sent the monitor wild spiking on both days, but with dramatic readings on day 1 hitting levels that shocked and massively concerned me (small particle concentration: 1904). For almost an hour the readings on day 1, (without the purifier) really worried me and made me realise that all this time, I’ve been exposing my family to harmful levels of particles. Day 2 (with the purifier) showed a significantly lower reading (small particle concentration: 780), even though it was poor air quality I was less concerned as within half an hour the readings gradually dropped down.
Compared results: without the purifier, the air was 244% more contaminated.

At 10.00, the readings on both days started to settle with the purifier doing its job to get the air quality down to a fair reading. Whilst day 1, the reading steadied but still presented very poor air quality over 1000+. Throughout the next hour on day 2, the purifier kept showing the readings reducing every 10 minutes, whereas as day 1 stayed around the same reading with very poor air.

From 11.00, for the next 30 minutes, we saw a slight improvement on day 1 (small particle concentration: 985), with the concentration dropping under 1000 to a poor level. With the air purifier on day 2, the readings continued to fall almost dropping below 100 (small particle concentration: 107). Over this period the air quality was 9 times more contaminated with small particles.
Compared results: without the purifier, the air was 920% more contaminated.

11.40 – Cooking pizza

Next, we began cooking pizza for lunch at 11.40, and again we saw an immediate increase on both days. However, this wasn’t to the worrying levels compared to when we made toast. For the 20 minute time it took for the pizzas to cook and cool ready for lunch, there were no significant changes. Even when we opened the oven to remove them, the levels presented little change, day 1 small particle concentration: 732. At the same time on day 2, the particle small particle concentration: 492.
Compared results: without the purifier, the air was almost 150% more contaminated.

12.30 – 30 minutes after using the oven

30 minutes after using the oven on day 1, the level had started to reduce, but still, the particle concentration was showing this to be poor air quality (small particle concentration: 662). Compared to day 2, the particle concentration had fallen substantially to a fair quality, just above good quality air (small particle concentration: 132 – a reduction of over 250% in half an hour). The final reading taken on both days at 12.30 highlighted that without the air purifier the air quality had 5 times more small particles.
Compared results: without the purifier, the air was 500% more contaminated.

Day 1 review – without the air purifier

I think it’s fair to say, working in the kitchen doesn’t provide the ideal healthy place to work. On day 1 without the purifier, I was mortified to see the damaging particles I’ve been exposing my family to for such a long time. It really has opened my eyes to how quickly the indoor air quality can be contaminated by cooking and making simple foods. Not to mention how long it stays in the room as we continue to breathe the particles into our lungs long after cooking has finished. I knew of the potential dangers but wasn’t prepared for what I learnt on day 1.

Day 2 review – with the air purifier

With the Pure & Clean purifier on, it had a significant impact on the air quality in controlling the small particles to mainly a fair level. There was the odd spike with making the toast and cooking but the purifier quickly brought the levels down.

In conclusion

Indoor air pollution is all too easy to ignore as you can’t see the dangers or experience any immediate effects. But it’s the combined long-term exposure and the impact this has on our kid’s development that is the most concerning.

Following this experiment, I’ve changed how we use the kitchen. I make sure the kids aren’t working from the island whilst I’m cooking and ventilate as much as possible, always using the extractor and leaving it on 10 minutes after cooking. The air purifier is on all day and night as it has proven to reduce the small particle concentration and I can’t have the windows open for too long in the winter months. Having an air purifier, I feel a lot safer knowing this is cleaning the air and that we now have a healthier environment.

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