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A real world test at Anytime Fitness Gyms to trial the effectiveness of ActivePure Technology Air and Surface purifiers against viruses and bacteria in a gym environment

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When running a successful gym, operating costs and the safety of it’s members and staff is always at the forefront of the owners’ minds. With the onset of Covid-19 it through the entire industry into a spin. Anytime Fitness immediately reacted by dramatically increasing cleaning regimes to mitigate the risk to members and staff. They invested heavily in equipment, additional cleaning products, and time to ensure their gyms are as safe as possible for everyone using them. To further support their existing cleaning routines and add another layer of protection, Anytime Fitness challenged ActivePure to demonstrate how our products could help to reduce the need to use additional cleaning wipes, blue tissues, sprays 24/7.

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The solution to trial

Leading the way with advanced technology

Anytime Fitness already introduced additional deep cleaning methods, however, they also decided to consider an alternative sustainable solution that could address the increasing costs and reduce the risks to members and staff. A shortlist was drawn up to trial, looking at eco-friendly chemical agents, increased cleaning regimes and advanced technologies.

For advanced technologies, they selected ActivePure Technology to trial as it provides both air and surface cleaning 24/7 and is safe to use while people occupy the space. ActivePure is more than just an air purifier. Not only does it clean the air by passing it through a 5-stage cleaning process (including HEPA filters), it also releases safe anti-virus molecules into the room. The molecules disperse throughout the indoor space and are attracted to bacteria and virus particles. As soon as they collide in mid-air or on a surface, the bacteria or virus is immediately inactivated. This proposed a significant appeal to add an enhanced level of all-round virus control that will instantly react to any potential risk in between cleaning regimes.

Beyond Guardian Air Purifier
The venue for the trial

Anytime Fitness at Raynes Park

For the trial, the Raynes Park Anytime Fitness centre was selected. The gym is fully carpeted, resides on a busy road and attracts members commuting to and from London as well as locals, so footfall is high. Spread over two floors with large open plan areas, separate rooms for classes and changing facilities, there’s a sizeable amount of equipment and surfaces to clean. An exceptionally high cleaning regime is already in place, however, ActivePure has provided additional peace of mind for their members and staff whilst providing an additional form of PPE and cost benefits.

Real-world trial

How Anytime Fitness tested ActivePure at their gyms

Over a period of 4 weeks, an Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) test was carried out to measure the effectiveness of cleaning processes by testing surfaces for ATP.

The use of ATP testing for hygiene and cleaning monitoring provides a measurement of potential risk by showing the level of organic residues, including microorganisms. This process was conducted across two Anytime Fitness centres. One based on a busy high street (Raynes Park) and the other in a quieter business park to provide a comparison. Both centres used the ActivePure’s Beyond Guardian Air portable units in the trial.

What is an Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) test?

What is an Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) test?

To see how clean or contaminated a surface is, you can measure the amount of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that’s present. ATP is a molecule that’s found in living cells, if there’s cells present on a surface it can highlight how contaminated the surface is. The amount of contamination present is represented by Relative Light Units (RLU’s). The greater the reading, the higher the concentration of particles.

How the trials were conducted

Over both centres, two trials were conducted. The first, a “controlled test” whereby bacteria was introduced to designated areas and sectioned off from members to prevent further contamination effecting the results. The areas monitored included the drinking water station, light switch into the studio, stair master, and running machine.

For the second test, no additional bacteria was added. Three random pieces of equipment were monitored and left open for members to use. The test was to measure the impact ActivePure would have on a normal day to day basis.

ATP tests

Controlled test

The trial consisted of six measurable points over a 5-hour period to evaluate what difference ActivePure will have over the concentration of bacteria present on these surfaces. The goal was to see what would happen when these areas were left uncleaned by staff during the 5-hour test with an ActivePure controlled area and an area without ActivePure. To ensure a fair test, all surfaces were initially wiped clean with disinfectant. In the areas where ActivePure was being used, the unit was on prior to cleaning and the bacteria being applied. This was to allow the ActivePure molecules to be present when the bacteria was introduced, which is important to demonstrate the added protection.

Immediately after the first two processes, (cleaning and applying the bacteria) an ATP test was taken to record the amount of contamination present. The other four ATP test were measured in the same area after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, and 5 hours. Here are the results.

The graph below shows the ATP test results over the six intervals. The higher the reading the more contaminated the surface.

  • Without ActivePure Drinking Water station
  • Without ActivePure Light Switch in Studio
  • With ActivePure Stair Master Machine
  • With ActivePure Running Machine
ActtivePure Controlled Test Graph Results

Uncontrolled test

The second test was uncontrolled. ATP tests were randomly taken on surfaces around the gym whilst members used the equipment. For comparison, we used ActivePure in one room while another room solely relied on staff cleaning alone. As this test was uncontrolled, in both rooms the equipment was being used by gym members. After use members are instructed to use disinfectant with disposable towels to wipe down the equipment when they finished exercising, so readings varied. There’s also a variable in terms of how well the equipment is cleaned by members or staff before a test and how long the equipment was left unoccupied before readings were taken.

Anytime fitness instructor

The table below shows the ATP test results from random equipment around the gym. The higher the reading the more contaminated the surface.

Random Gym Equipment
Surface test
Equipment 1:
2 readings
168 RLU / 164 RLU 11 RLU / 7 RLU
Equipment 2:
3 readings
158 RLU / 53 RLU / 84 RLU 0 RLU / 37 RLU / 0 RLU
Equipment 3:
1 readings
7 RLU (equipment just cleaned by member) 2 RLU
Average surface reading 105.67 RLU 9.5 RLU
The results

What the results have shown

Controlled results

When we initially applied the bacteria on the surfaces where ActivePure was not used, the bacteria contaminated the surface with high levels, measuring 558 RLU and 544 RLU. Compared to the surfaces that were controlled by ActivePure, much of the bacteria was immediately inactivated by the ActivePure molecules circulating the room, only measuring 143 RLU & 56 RLU. This is because the AP molecules were instantly attracted to the bacteria and on contact inactivated them, substantially lowering the risk.

Over the four further ATP test times (30min, 1hr, 3hrs & 5hrs), the surfaces without ActivePure remained high, only the light switch dropped to 168 RLU after 5 hours. With ActivePure, not only were the readings dramatically lower to start with, but the contamination was also continually reduced in 30 minutes and after an hour, the running machine was almost at zero.

From the controlled test, the effectiveness of using ActivePure proved that it would have a significant impact in lowering the risk of exposure to its members around the clock.

Uncontrolled results

Across all the uncontrolled readings, every single test showed that with ActivePure it reduced the risk of exposure to members and staff far more than without. On average, without ActivePure the ATP surface test reading was 105.67 RLU, while the ATP test with ActivePure recorded 9.5 RLU, over 90% lower contamination. The levels maintained with ActivePure were at nominal levels, whereas without ActivePure, they reached levels of up to 168 RLU.

Additional test

Indoor air quality improved

Throughout the test, ActivePure clearly showed its effectiveness on protecting surfaces to the staff. While the test was in progress, we also wanted to highlight the difference ActivePure can have on cleaning the air. For this, an air quality monitor was used in the centre to continually check the indoor air for small particles and provide a visual reference to staff and members.

Anytime Fitness gyms already benefit from good air conditioning. However, with ActivePure the indoor air quality was improved even more. The air quality monitor consistently presented a small particle count of between 100 to 150, which considered fair quality air, but for a gym in shared environment this is a good reading. To understand more about indoor air quality and how these readings compare, take a look at our real-world kitchen experiment.

The Anytime Fitness team expressed that it was encouraging to know that the air inside the centre contained the AP anti-virus molecules that would fight and neutralise pathogens, including COVID-19.

Air Quality Monitor

ActivePure achieved impressive results

Over the course of both the controlled and uncontrolled tests, ActivePure consistently achieved impressive results that demonstrated a high level of continuous control between cleaning regimes. This evidence proves that with ActivePure present, the risk of viruses spreading is greatly mitigated and doesn’t solely rely on the cleaning efforts of staff and members.

The Manager at Anytime Fitness, Raynes Park was delighted with the results ActivePure provided. It added the extra reassurance members and staff need to feel confident that the centre is managing bacteria and viruses on surfaces 24/7.

Anytime Fitness Team

“We invest a great deal in cleaning, 5 hours per day from dedicated cleaning contractors plus staff cleaning, in addition to eye-watering sums sent on wipes and sanitisers. I’m 100% confident all members are safe as staff go out of their ways to do their jobs correctly and members are following correct protocols wiping equipment before use. We took on ActivePure to support our existing safeguarding protocols and feel the device adds an additional level of protection and helped to improve member and staff confidence.”

Anytime Fitness Manager at Raynes Park

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