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ActivePure portable products are beyond any standard air purification system. The exclusive technology releases safe proactive molecules that fill the indoor space to inactivate viruses, bacteria and other contaminants. Providing a faster, reliable and sustainable solution for healthier air and safer surfaces.

Why purifying your indoor air will benefit your gym and members

Breathing cleaner air has been proven to have significant health benefits. Indoor air quality has often been overlooked, but with the pandemic this hidden danger has seen more attention, raising concerns.

With indoor air quality being up to 5 times more polluted than outside, it’s an invisible threat that can have serious implications. Air quality indoor and outdoors is claiming at least 40,000 lives each year in the UK. Health conscious individuals will be mindful of this and will look for centres that have solutions in place to provide reassurance that their wellbeing is cared for whilst they use your facilities.

On top of the long-term health benefits, purifying the air removes other airborne particles like dust, allergens and contaminants that could cause short-term irritation, impairing your members ability to train at their best. Removing these particles from the air will help increase individuals performance, allowing them to improve personal goals and fitness, encouraging them to continue their membership.

ActivePure will protect the air & surfaces in your studio, gym or centre all day, every day

When a person is working out they can breathe up to 100 litres of air every minute. This creates more aerosols potentially contaminating the indoor air with viruses that may remain in the air for hours. The more people training at the same time will increase the likelihood of the air being shared from person-to-person, thus infecting others.

With members regularly coming and going. Managing the environment to maintain a high level of infection, prevention, and control is costly to the bottom line. Bearing in mind the huge array of equipment that’s being frequently handled by people and the increased aerobic activities, the risk of viruses contaminating the surfaces and air is a constant concern that could happen at anytime.

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Anytime Fitness Case Study

A real world test at Anytime Fitness Gyms to trial the effectiveness of ActivePure Technology Air and Surface purifiers against viruses and bacteria in a gym environment

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Key concerns for gyms, health clubs and centres

Virus concerns icon

An infected person will exhale and unknowingly spread virus particles. Increased aerobic exercise will expel higher concentrations of particles in the air to possibly infect others.

Bacteria concerns icon

Gym equipment is handled and passed around continually as members train. Any bacteria on surfaces can quickly spread, contaminating equipment.

VOCs Concerns Icon

Cleaning products, deodorants and heating are just a few of the possible sources of VOC’s that will continually contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Odour concern icons

Training naturally works up a sweat and body odour that can often result in some undesirable smells. Unfortunately, odours can linger and intensify at busy periods to create an unpleasant place to workout.

Allergens concerns icon

Ventilating with outdoor air can introduce more allergens into the indoor space and become problematic for hay fever sufferers. As members exercise and use equipment, dust can become unsettled rereleasing allergens back in to the indoor air. Allergic individuals may experience symptoms that prevent or reduce their ability to training.

Mould Concerns Icons

Humid areas like showers and washrooms, as well as areas that have restricted air flow will experience mould growth. This results in mould spores being present in the indoor air that can cause irritation such as headaches, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue and effect those with asthma.

Here's how ActivePure products treat these key concerns to maintain a healthier indoor training environment

ActivePure’s portable systems work by pulling indoor air through the unit that is initially purified by an advanced air filtration system to remove over 99% of common airborne contaminants. The water and oxygen molecules from the cleaned air are then passed through the exclusive ActivePure cell which gives the molecules a natural ability to inactivate viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi on contact. These molecules that are safe for people and pets are released back into the indoor environment to seek and destroy pathogens and contaminants.

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ActivePure works without chemicals, does not produce ozone, and is safe to be around all day, every day

What do you get with ActivePure?

HEPA icon

High Quality HEPA filter

The Beyond Guardian Air combined technologies used with the HEPA filter is “Better Than HEPA” alone capturing up to 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. The Pure & Clean uses True HEPA Filtration with Activated Carbon capturing up to 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.

ActivePure Molecules

Exclusive ActivePure® Technology

Scientifically proven purification technology that neutralises airborne and surface pathogens (including SARS-CoV-2), allergens and mould spores outside the unit.

CARB Certified

California Air Resources Board Certified Portable Air Purifiers

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified both the Beyond Guardian Air (Model F159E) and the Pure & Clean (Model: A1040A) devices. 

5 Stage Filter

Advanced 5-Stage Filtration Technology

The 5-stage filtration used in the Beyond Guardian Air includes Negative Ionization, Activated Carbon, HEPA Filter, Photocatalytic UVC Sterilisation & ActivePure® Technology. The Pure & Clean device features a 4 stage filtration system.

BGA Product

Beyond Guardian Air

Ideal for larger, busy environments that require a 24/7 solution. The Beyond Guardian Air proactively purifies the air and maintains even higher standards of hygiene on surfaces, in every nook and cranny of your gym or centre. 

  • ActivePure Technology can cover up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Airflow rate – 240 cubic feet per minute (CFM)

  • Removes particles as small as 0.01 micron

  • Sound level: Min – 32 dB(A) / Max – 58 dB(A)
Power usage: Min – 23 watts / Max – 80 watts

  • HEPA Filter Life: 6-12 months*
ActivePure Cell Life: Up to 24 months*

  • 5 year limited warranty
Dimensions: H 590 mm x W 500 mm x D 275 mm

*Dependent on the environment

Pure & Clean unit

Pure & Clean

For use in medium and smaller spaces, the Pure & Clean will proactively protect the air and surfaces safely from viruses, bacteria and other contaminants, while you’re in the room. 

  • ActivePure Technology can cover up to 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Airflow rate – 60 cubic feet per minute (CFM)

  • Removes particles as small as 0.3 micron

  • Sound level: Min – 35 dB(A) / Max – 55 dB(A)
Power usage: Min – 36 watts / Max – 8043 watts

  • HEPA Filter Life: 6-12 months*
ActivePure Cell Life: Up to 24 months*

  • 3 year limited warranty
Dimensions: H 298 mm x W 241 mm x D 254 mm

*Dependent on the environment

What ActivePure products do you require?

The below options provided are for guidance only. Please contact our sales team at  or call 0800 9774 423.

Home Gym Woman Training

Home/Mobile Personal Trainer

From 150 to 2,000 sq. ft.

1 x Pure & Clean

Portable plugin unit, no installation required

Interest FREE payment plan available to non-commercial orders

Small Gym Man Lifting Weights

Boutique/Small Gyms

Up to 5,000 sq. ft.

3 x Pure & Clean Units
or 2 x Beyond Guardian Units

Portable plugin units, no installation required

Discounts available on multiple unit orders


Health/Fitness Clubs

Up to 10,000 sq. ft.

4 x Beyond Guardian Air Units
or request a FREE on-site visit to assess your requirements

Portable plugin units, no installation required (HVAC options available on request)

Discounts available on multiple unit orders


Leisure/Sports Centres

Over 10,000 sq. ft.

Request a FREE on-site visit to assess the areas to cover

Portable plugin units & HVAC options available

Discounts available on multiple unit orders

Recognised by 

The Space Technology Hall of Fame

The technology used by ActivePure, is so revolutionary in providing a better quality of life, it has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, that recognises the adaption of space innovation to improve everyday lives. Only 75 technologies have ever been awarded this seal of approval which include ground-breaking discoveries like Pacemakers, GPS and Tempur foam.

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