Add an extra layer of protection this Christmas (and we don’t mean a Christmas jumper!)

Protect the family this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching and the UK still gripped by the COVID pandemic, many of us are concerned with celebrating Christmas Day with our loved ones.

What with the new strain spreading fast and areas moving into Tier 3, it’s ringing all the wrong sort of bells at this time of year. All we want to do is cast aside our worries and relax and for a brief moment, forget about COVID, about lockdowns and just live a normal life for a few days.

Christmas social distancing

The issues we face this Christmas

The truth is we can’t lower our guard, we have to be prepared and take measures to protect our families. None of us want to wear masks in our homes or have all the windows and doors open to ventilate the air. On Christmas Day, who has the time to constantly clean surfaces after someone touches the TV remote, light switch or door handles. Not to mention trying to be socially distanced at the dinner table. As much as we have good intentions and want to protect everyone, there are limits to what we can physically do. I know Christmas is a magical time of year, but we don’t have a magic wand to clear the surfaces and air for us – or do we?…

If I were to say on Christmas Day, you could have a product in your home that can purify the air and surfaces to remove 99.98% of viruses and bacteria including (SARS-CoV-2) the virus that causes COVID-19*… surely, it’s worth taking a look? Well, there is and it’s scientifically proven!

The added layer of protection you need

ActivePure® isn’t magic, it’s just great science, based on space technology developed by NASA. ActivePure air and surface purifiers will add an extra layer of protection in your homes to make you feel more comfortable sharing the big day with family.

For the purifier to be effective, windows and doors need to be closed for the system to cleanse the internal air. Having the windows and doors open will only allow more pollutants in as the air inside will be cleaner than what it is outside. We don’t have to freeze on Christmas Day! YAY!!!!

Having the ActivePure purifier on all day, every day, is completely safe and will continue to clean the air and surfaces to give you peace of mind. The system draws in the air and passes it through its 5-filter system which releases super charged molecules that are safe to people and pets but are viruses and bacteria’s worst enemy. These super charged molecules continually seek out to destroy viruses and bacteria on surfaces to make for a safer environment up to 3000sq. ft.

Let’s keep it real

All this being said, we are realists, nothing in this world is 100%, so there’s always going to be a risk when you meet with family and friends, even if you have an ActivePure purifier. But what this will do, will dramatically reduce the chances of cross-contamination in your homes far beyond what we can do by manually cleaning and opening windows.

At least this Christmas, if you are determined to spend Christmas with family and friends, with an ActivePure purifier you can stay warm and know you have the best technology available to protect your family.

Child with asthma

It’s not just for Christmas!

Taking the step to purchasing a purifier just for a couple of days may seem over the top. Well, we can assure you that this product is not just for Christmas. ActivePure was not developed in reaction to the pandemic, but to improve quality of life, helping to provide relief to people that suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory problems and more, which can all have a huge impact on how we live our lives. Throughout the year ActivePure will continue to protect 24/7.

Contact us to order an ActivePure purifier today before the 22nd December to get yours before Christmas. Quote “ACTIVEPUREXMAS” and get 25% off the RRP. Call us on 0800 9774 423 or email us at


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