Top 5 reasons why you should get an air purifier (without the jargon!)

1. Stops the spread of viruses

Before the pandemic, viruses were mainly just seen as a nuisance that does the rounds each year. To the vast majority, viruses pose little threat, but to some with low immune systems, even a mild virus could become a significant problem and develop into a life-threatening situation. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the realisation that our bodies are not impervious to all viruses has taken many people by surprise and highlighted how unprepared and uninformed we are. If we had a time machine to put an air purifier in every home, business and indoor space, the virus would have had an additional barrier to overcome making transmission more difficult. This is because the pathogens would be tackled the minute the virus is airborne, greatly reducing its ability to pass from person to person. With our ActivePure® technology not only is the air purified but surfaces are also sanitised adding an even greater level of protection. Click here to check out some of the scientific results (Airborne & Surface SARS-CoV-2 reduction by over 99.9% in 3 minutes).

2. Helps people with asthma and respiratory problems

There are many sources of allergens in our homes that can contribute to breathing problems. When people experience breathing problems or have asthma, often some of the most obvious causes are ignored and left untreated. The air circulating our rooms has millions of tiny particles invisible to the naked eye floating around. Many people live by the saying “what you can’t see, won’t hurt you”, but they’d be sorely mistaken in this instance.

These floating particles can include:

  • Mould spores
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds – examples; Paint, carpet, upholstery, air fresheners, cleaning products, smoke, cooking etc.
  • Pet dander (microscopic flakes of skin shed by animals)

These are just some of the primary triggers that can contribute to shortness of breath or discomfort when all you want to do is feel safe in your own home. An air purifier will remove around 99% of all triggers, creating a far safer environment to ease asthma and respiratory issues.

ActivePure Uk air purifier Cooking
3. Removes pollutants from the air that could cause long- & short-term illness

When the word pollution is used, everyone instantly thinks outside, but indoor pollution should be an even greater concern. People spend an average of 90% of their time at home or indoors and in the UK opening windows to ventilate is not always possible due to bad weather or if you live on a busy road. This means any pollutants will stay locked in, resulting in you breathing in the particles with some able to reach deep into your lungs. Long-term exposure can contribute to serious health problems like lung cancer, liver and kidney damage, and even impact on our brain’s ability to function and develop, even more so in children. While in the short-term you may experience headaches, breathing problems, nausea, a cough and a higher potential for asthma attacks, the fact is, living in an enclosed space for a prolonged period without adequate ventilation can turn our homes into a cocktail of harmful pollutants. Some of the most common indoor pollutants (known as VOC’s) come from

Some of the most common indoor pollutants (known as VOC’s) come from:

  • DIY – paint often uses chemicals that emit toxic gases
  • Cleaners & fresheners – using chemicals to clean surfaces or make the air smell better may feel positive with that clean smell but, in some cases, this could be having a negative impact on your lungs
  • Cooking – frying and roasting in particular, release fine particles. For example, tests have shown that cooking a simple omelette in your kitchen is worse than standing on a typical London road
  • Beauty products – nail varnish, hair spray and fragrances
  • Outdoors – you may think opening a window will help, but for some, this welcomes in more pollutants from traffic and industry fumes or agricultural farming (pesticides, etc.)

An air purifier will remove these harmful pollutants providing improved air quality, significantly lowering any long- or short-term exposure to acceptable levels.

4. Improves sleep

We all love our sleep, and those of us that struggle to get a restful night can often be irritable and unproductive. The benefit of an air purifier will remove potential irritants that could be keeping you up at night. By improving the air quality, you’re removing dust and other allergens that could be affecting your breathing, skin and eyes. The fan’s low soothing hum also creates the white noise that many people find calming to mask other sounds.

ActivePure UK air purifier Sleeping
5. Removes smoke and unwanted smells

If you live in a house with someone that smokes, the evidence of how passive smoking affects non-smokers is irrefutable. An air purifier won’t eliminate the dangers, but it will substantially reduce the airborne smoke that others can breathe in. Along with smoke, purifiers will also remove odours and stop smells from lingering. If you live near a road, factory or anything that expels an unpleasant odour it can be a constant annoyance. A purifier will constantly tackle the unwanted smells providing a far more relaxing environment.

Take action

With all that’s going on at the moment, it sounds like we’re under attack from all sides, and in a way we are, but on a positive note at least now we have the solutions to protect us.

Air pollution indoors and out, is a global concern and tests are in process all over the world, exposing the hidden dangers around us. Getting an air purifier now will not only improve your health, but it can help protect your home and business from unwelcome viruses, allergens and pollutants having a lasting impact on your family, friends and colleagues.

To find out more about ActivePure’s unrivalled air and surface purifiers that are inspired by patented NASA technology.

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